How would you feel being lead in the wrong direction for a long time?

Thatís how I felt when I was searching to fulfill my desires and dreams, but the wrong choices, wrong people, wrong decisions, and wrong state of mind got in the way and made me look like a fool walking backwards. Due to not having a father figure in my life, I tried finding comfort in guys that were not my husband and partied with no cares for my self worth. This destroyed my self-esteem and I became discouraged, lacking focus on my true abilities and leading myself in the wrong direction. I grew up naÔve to the world and the industry. I was over nice to people, which was very dangerous because they ended up taking advantage of me and seeing past my qualities and talents. Agencies and managements knew I never looked beyond my own knowledge on how the industry really works, so my money was the only thing interesting. I was almost on the verge of giving up!

Real people I can call family were placed into my life that helped me to realize what life is really worth. Also having experience in the industry, they encouraged me not to give up on my dreams and to dig deep into my heart for my passion and desire. They gave me great advice and coached me on what the industry expects from me. This was when I truly accepted JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and SAVIOR! Iím proud of the struggle I went through, for it would not have gotten me this far in cherishing and appreciating the talents and gifts I was designed for. The bumps and sways made me focus more on my destination and never look back. Insecurities and discouragements are now out the door.
I was born, raised and still live in New York City with a passion for dancing, modeling, and a side interest in commercial acting. I enjoy the adrenaline rush in fitting, posing, styling, makeup, moving, and all the other positive things that comes with it. Iím very diverse in my choice of music. Music is embedded in me to a point where almost every word or moment reminds me of a song. Of course, thatís where dancing comes in! The movement of the body says so much, like poetry. I used to choreograph and/or perform at Utica College of Syracuse University and other colleges, the Boys and Girls Club, and psychiatric centers. Dancing is very therapeutic to me. I always loved acting, especially as a woman in her 20ís, knowing that a role for a 14-18 year old would be perfect. Sheís that versatile in her character placements.

My mission is to help those that are in the dark to this cold and ugly world (wrong mates, fake people, phony businesses, etc.), though they can see the beauty in the world only submitting to what the LORD brought them here for. I will also love to influence others by the passion I have in being in the industry and loving the LORD, seeing that Iím only willing to do what CHRIST JESUS needs me to do in order to relate to those of the world. Others can see my glow through my dance moves, pictures, and on television. No matter who you are, the LORD can place individuals in your life that can help to enhance a life changing experience through CHRIST. Never give up despite the walls that try blocking passage way. Like a song says, ďWhen I could not reach MERCY, MERCY came runniní to meĒ. This is more than industry, itís a lifestyle. Now that I know myself through CHRIST and waiting patiently for the husband the LORD has for me, I want to do the impossible. Iím ready to Rock On and open my creativities to you. Link me up, youíll see in GODís perfect timing. MAY CHRIST JESUS BLESS YOU!

Sharon Tonge
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